Did you know that?

Himalayan Rock Salt crystals were formed over 250 million years ago at the foothills of the Himalayas. They were formed by the pressure exerted by the large mountain range on the ancient sea. The energy in these salts and their crystalline structure is directly proportional to the pressure that was exerted on them. This pristine crystal has a composition similar to the ocean. Himalayan salt crystals have been found to have around 84 of the nutritional elements that we need daily.

The impact of salt on human civilization dates back to early recorded history and evidences show much before it too. It was used for trading, as part salary etc. It was also part of historic events like Salt march in Indian Independence and French revolution. Earlier Crystal Salt was called, Kings Salt. This was because of the fact that crystal salt was exclusively saved to be used by royalty. History has documented various salt based therapies and cure for ailments through the ages. It has been used for centuries to dry the bronchial tubes and rid sinus cavities of microbes and bacteria. For hundreds of years now salt has been treated as panacea. It has also been referred to at times as the fifth element as it was comparable to ether the actual fifth element.

The Himalayan Salt lamps expend all this energy and goodness found in the crystals through a light when switched on inside it or when a candle is lit within it. These Salt lamps are mined from deep within the mountains and hand crafted and left to dry in the sun. These Salt lamps comes in a varied natural hues and shapes.

These lamps are hollowed out in the middle to help us put a light bulb or candle inside. When the Himalayan Salt Lamps are lit, it gives out negative ions that purify the air of the room in which it is kept. These lamps also absorb excess humidity.

They also bind the harmful positive ions send into the air from various sources like the television, computer etc and helps purify the air.

When we think of a vacation, most of us would dream of beaches and a vast ocean as an ideal place to relax. Have you ever wondered why? This is because of the negative ions that are present there and the vibration that is exuded by the oceans. It was our origin and it helps to regenerate and calm us. The Himalayan Salt lamps by the virtue of their origin, expend the same invigorating vitality to the atmosphere and gives us a sense of being near a sea. The warm colors also gives a soothing effect. These lamps also have a therapeutic effect. It helps in de-stressing us. It also helps in reducing recurring migraines, tiredness, insomnia, lack of concentration and excessive nervousness. With continuous use, you can feel a subtle change in the energy around you. The atmosphere and you are more relaxed and more at peace.